New site development

In this article, we will share with you the important things that are to be considered in Commercial Construction. Careful considerations should be made in order to avoid hazards and endangering the people involved. One of our recent developments is a new site for Clyde Tree Surgeons. They are located in Glasgow. You might wonder what kind of company they are, they specialize in care for trees. So if you need a Glasgow Tree Surgeon, they are the right people to tap since they are already experts in their field.

Due to the success of their business, Clyde Tree Surgeons is expanding and they consulted us for the construction of their new site. It will still be in Glasgow though. They just wanted to build a satellite office to entertain more customers. Word of mouth really worked for them. It was their existing customers’ network that helped them growth and this is due to the consistency of their service. From Tree Surgery, Tree Felling and Pruning, Hedge Trimming, Emergency Tree Services, Tree Stump Removal, Site Clearance, Tree Planting, Tree Surveys, Commercial Tree Surgery and Ecologic and Bat Surveys, they got it all covered. What also made them stand out among competitors is their free quotation without the need to fulfill obligations right away. Their Tree Surgeon Professionals are also fully equipped with knowledge and all the certifications needed so that is why their customers trust them. They are also very friendly and accommodating. When they approached us, they were very clear of what they wanted to it was not very hard to execute. The project is ongoing and so it would be nice if we can share a bit of information on our experience.

Number one priority in a new site development is securing a permit and setting Safety Requirements. This should also come with a Safety Measure Briefing for the workers, safety tools like belts, shoes and helmets should be properly worn while on site. Aside from this, a fire fighting equipment should also be in placed. If there will be visitors or site inspection, it should be well coordinated with the team and only the persons involved should be present. As for Clyde Tree Surgeons, inspections are being made regularly and this is for monitoring and checking.

On the other hand, things to avoid in a construction site would be any activity or process or steps that is not supervised. Also, inflammable materials, debris and waste should be placed a designated area, farther from the actual site. Another important thing is that all persons that will be given an assignment in the site development should be knowledgeable, professional and well-experienced. We don’t want someone on the site who does not know what to do. This include proper lifting measures, how to operate machines and proper storage of materials.

The rules of Commercial construction are very simple and easily understandable. The main responsibilities go the Site Team including the Supervisors and especially the Contractor and Architect and the most important roles are the workers. It is also important that instructions are clear and workers are well-compensated to avoid other conflicts. It’s a challenge but as long as everyone is on the same page then it would not be that very difficult and timelines will be achieved. We’re nearing the end of our construction for Clyde Tree Surgeons – we will be happy to share this with you once completed!